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Selection from Cites & Insights 8, Number 1: January 2008

At one point, a few readers expressed interest in a book version of Library 2.0 and “Library 2.03, presumably including the followup Finding a Balance: Libraries and Librarian. I started on that project but didn’t finish it: Adding the perfect, fully-vetted, Chicago-style citations and bibliography for all of the blog quotes and reindexing the essays seemed like more work than it was worth.

Now you can get those essays in book form, indexed and everything—together with another 330+ pages of great content, including Looking at Liblogs: The Great Middle, my study of 213 liblogs. For the same price as I would have charged for the Library 2.0 material alone: $29.50, the (so far) standard price for Cites & Insights Books. Just go to Lulu ( and order it.

Volume 6 had more “regular” pages than Volume 7, but the bound volume’s slightly shorter (388 pages instead of 405 pages), thanks to the extra phantom issue in 2007 (see below).

Extra: There’s something extra for buyers of the bound volume, in addition to a great wraparound cover picture (the Golden Gate Bridge from the deck of the Crystal Harmony, passing through on our way to Alaska in, I think, 2001…or 2003…or 2005). A four-page preface offers a few notes about Volume 6, but mostly has updates on liblogs covered in the 2005 and 2006 studies–which ones have moved and which appear to be gone.

The short version: Of 60 blogs in 2005, 10% may have shut down and 17% have changed URLs and/or names. Of 213 blogs in 2006, 21% may have shut down and another 12% changed URLs and/or names, sometimes more than once (hi, Mermaid!) The preface details all the changes I know about as of December 22, 2007–and clarifies what “may have shut down” means, giving the last post date when it’s even possible to get to the blog.

Don’t Forget 2007

Publication of C&I 6: 2006 in book form is the new news—but this is only slightly older, obviously since the final issue of C&I 7: 2007. As shown on the right-hand side of page 1, Cites & Insights 7: 2007 is also available in book form. Same place (, same price, slightly longer (405 pages), different cover. This time, the front cover is a picture of the sculpture on the front wall of the Juneau Public Library in Juneau, Alaska; the back cover is the sign for Molokai Public Library in Hawaii.

The print bonus for Volume 7? Cites on a Plane, the phantom Midwinter 2007 issue that appeared for ten days during January 2007, is included in the book—and not available anywhere else.

These books are great ways to support Cites & Insights, and also great ways to keep these essays in a convenient, indexed, easy-to-read form. Both use 60lb. bright white paper (like CreateSpace/Amazon versions of other Cites & Insights Books); both retain issue page numbers and issue-oriented indexes.

The combination of Volume 6 and Balanced Libraries: Thoughts on Continuity and Change makes a package on Library 2.0-related issues. I’d offer it as a slightly-discounted bundle, but (so far) Lulu doesn’t have provisions for bundles.

Earlier volumes in book form? Maybe, maybe not. Certainly not until the academic library blog book is done. Later volumes? Probably so: The results are so much better than Velobound printouts…

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