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Selection from Cites & Insights 7, Number 10: September 2007

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Something’s Coming, Something Good

Well, I think it’s good at least—I could make the case that every public library (and every library school) in the U.S., Canada and Australia should buy one.

Public Library Blogs: 252 Examples will be out any day now—literally “any day,” probably before mid-September 2007. The 299-page (x+289) 6x9 paperback is a great resource for public libraries considering a blog—and for those that have one and are considering more or rethinking the one they have. It’s mostly examples, blogs that have been around since at least December 2006 and show some signs of life. The first three chapters break down blogs in various ways to help point librarians to blogs they might consider.

As I was planning the book and putting it together, I would have assumed that it’s not a book you’d read cover to cover. After two cover-to-cover editing passes and two more passes for proofreading, I’m not sure that’s true. The diversity of public library blogs is remarkable. The sample posts (one from each blog where a sample makes sense) and metrics paint an interesting picture.

The first announcement will be at Walt at random ( The book will be available at the Cites & Insights Bookstore on Lulu ( It will cost $29.50 from Lulu. It might be available through another channel. More details—lots more details—as soon as it’s actually available and in the next Cites & Insights.

If every public library and library school in the U.S., Canada and Australia (and other English-speaking countries) did buy a copy, the future of Cites & Insights and Making it Work would be assured—but that’s not likely to happen. Still, I believe it’s a valuable resource for those libraries that do buy it, easily worth the thirty bucks.

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