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Selection from Cites & Insights 9, Number 13: December 2009

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End of a Volume,
End of an Era

This is the final issue of Cites & Insights Volume 9. (The index and title page will appear later, probably still in November 2009.) Itís not quite a single-essay issue, but close to itóand Iíd like to think that essay winds up the year on a bright note.

Iíd apologize for the absurd length of this volume (the book editionís going to be fat). I still have dreams of aiming for 144óno, make that 192óno, make that 240 pages a year, but instead this is the first time the ejournalís passed the 400-page mark. Oddly enough, thatís partly because this has been a busy year, what with house-hunting, moving, etc., and I kept trying to make sure there would be some material ready for ďthe next issue.Ē And I published large parts of three different books, none of which sold very wellÖ

Itís also the end of an era, five years of sponsorship by YBP Library Services, a division of Baker & Taylor. Iím grateful for the sponsorship and should note that YBP never influenced editorial content, something that was made clear from the beginning.

New Sponsor Needed

Cites & Insights needs a new sponsoróand Iíd be happy to discuss a sponsorship that includes Walt at Random as well. Basics:

         The ideal sponsor would have interests in the library field but, if a business, would be in an area I donít discussóe.g., integrated library systems, bibliographic services, library schools, consortia, distributors...

         Sponsorship would yield an identification on the first page of each C&I, a sentence and a logo on the last page of each new issue, a sentence on each new HTML version and a sponsorship acknowledgement and link on the C&I homepageóand, for Walt at Random, a mutually-agreeable link or ad on all pages. (The YBP sponsorship stays on all issues they sponsored.)

         We could discuss messages from the sponsor, signed as such.

         C&I readership is substantial. Over a six-month period (May 2-November 1, 2009), there were 206,000 pageviews in 77,000 sessions, including 48,000 full-issue downloads and 119,000 HTML pageviews.

         To my continued astonishment, Walt at Random seems to be a bigger draw: Currently, itís averaging more than 4,000 pageviews a day.

         Want to reuse selected material on a ďcompany siteĒ or have me speak at a company-sponsored event? Thatís certainly possible.

         Get in touch with me at waltcrawford at

Iím not suggesting C&I will go away if thereís no sponsor. I am saying C&Iís future would be more assured with a sponsor.

New Book Likely

But Still They Blog: The Liblog Landscape 2007-2009 should be out before the end of the year and possibly before the first C&I for 2010. (As I write this, the first nine of 11 to 13 chapters are in second-draft stage.) It doesnít entirely replace The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 and that book continues to be available.

The new book covers a more selective portion of the liblog landscape, although still a large one (it includes 521 blogs, 41 of them not in the earlier study). Itís somewhat more narrative, although still heavy on tables and graphs. It does include brief subjective comments on some (but not all) blogsóand those blogs arenít all described in one humongous chapter at the end of the book.

Watch for the announcement, either in Cites & Insights 10:1 or on Walt at Random.

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