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Selection from Cites & Insights 8, Number 12: December 2008

Bibs & Blather

Coming Soon: A Special Offer

The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look is almost ready. As Iím preparing this issue of Cites & Insights, Iím also doing final readthroughs of the book. Before or shortly after this issue appears, Iíll complete that process, upload the book and cover files and order my proof copy from Lulu.

With luck, the book should be available for sale in very late November or early December. Iíll announce it on Walt at Random as soon as it is available.

The special offer

The book will be priced at $22.50óbut only for a few weeks. At some point before the 2009 ALA Midwinter Meeting, Iíll reset the price to $35.00. If and when thereís an Amazon/CreateSpace edition, that edition will cost $35.00.

Even with Luluís shipping charges, most of you will save money by ordering from Lulu between now and January 16, 2009. (The reprice might not happen that day; it will definitely happen by January 22, 2009 unless something goes badly wrong.)

I think itís a good book, easily worth the $35. Not that Iím biased or anythingÖ

There will, of course, be lots more information about the book on the blog when itís published and probably in the January 2009 Cites & Insights, probably with a cover shot. Meanwhile, watch the blog and save some money.

Writing about Reading

This issue could have been a single-essay special, and in some ways it is. The primary essay takes up most of the issue, with a few pages devoted to the continued Retrospective and a couple for My Back Pages.

Even at that length, I covered less than half the material I planned to. Does that herald a new section? Iím not sure. With the growing overlaps Iím seeing among the various running sections of C&I, Iím beginning to wonder whether it would be easier to drop most of them entirelyóbut that seems a little radical. (How much overlap? Consider the Google lawsuit settlement: It fits in the ongoing Google Book Search/Open Content Alliance thread, has huge copyright implications, relates in some ways to libraries and scholarly accessóand certainly plays a role in making it work. More about all that later; just how much later isnít certain.)

Volume 8: Not Done Yet

If youíre inclined to bind the yearís Cites & Insights, hold onóthe volume isnít quite complete yet. The index and title page should appear in two or three weeks, maybe sooner.

Or you can buy a paperback version of the whole volume with a snazzy coverÖprobably.

Other Book News

I suspect there will be a Lulu version of Cites & Insights Volume 8, probably $29.50, and maybe it will sell as well as previous volumes (two copies eachóbut I wasnít anticipating much more). Will volumes 6 and 7 continue to be available? Unclear.

What is clear: Public Library Blogs and Academic Library Blogs are going away fairly soon, at least in print form. The PDF downloads from Lulu might stick around for a while, possibly at a slightly lower price. But if you want either book, Iíd suggest buying them before the end of the year.

Sponsorship and Research

After some thought, I went forward with the research for The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008 on my ownóbecause it was a fascinating project and one I thought would be worthwhile.

I believe it would be worth continuing that project in future years. Iím not sure I can justify doing that on my own, when I could be doing freelance writing, designing courses or seminars that could yield income or greeting folks at some big-box store. (Well, maybe not the latter, at least for now.)

There are other potential projects where I believe the results would be worthwhile, but theyíre not interesting enough that I would even consider doing them as labors of love.

The obvious answer is sponsorship. Such sponsorship would:

         Make it feasible to release The Liblog Landscape 2007-2008: A Lateral Look as a free PDF or print version priced marginally over production cost.

         Make it feasible to publish key conclusions (and, indeed, portions of most chapters) in Cites & Insights (or in a sponsorís venues).

         Assure an ongoing project to see how English-language liblogs fare in the future, with annual updates.

         At some levels of sponsorship, make it feasible to carry out useful studies of library blogs and publish the results free as PDF or at marginal cost in print. (Those studies just wonít happen without sponsorship: I think theyíd be useful, but donít find them nearly as fascinating as the liblog studies. Then again, without sponsorship, I donít know whether Iíll keep on with the liblog study.)

Iíve done a quick writeup of what various levels of sponsorship would involve. Youíll find it at; I wonít repeat that text here. (It doesnít include dollar amounts. Those are available on request. Theyíre not big figures by most standards. They may be negotiable.)

Possible sponsors could include regional networks, library vendors of almost any stripe, foundations, library schools, publishersÖ But, frankly, Iím rarely sure just who Iíd approach.

If you happen to think this is a good idea and know someone who would be a plausible sponsor (and I wouldnít rule out any name in advance), please let them know about this post.

I love doing this stuff and Iím good at it. Iím also dealing with the economic realities of a decimated retirement fund and where my time and energy are best spent (outside of my existing part-time job). Maybe this will help clarify matters. Maybe not.

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